Théo & Hugo in the same boat/ Théo & Hugo dans le même bateau,

Dir. Olivier Ducastel, Jaques Martineau

France, 2016, 97’

Théo and Hugo meet in a sex club. Their bodies meet, interlace and melt in a passionate embrace. Intoxicated with desire, in the ecstasy of their first meeting, the two guys watch the birth of their love on the empty streets of night Paris.

The film is a continuation of the thematic line of Ducastel and Martineau, who are together both in their work and life. Films by this directors duo have repeatedly been presented at the International Film Festival “Molodist”. Ducastel and Martineau received the “Teddy” audience award for “Theo and Hugo…” at the Berlinale 2016, as well as awards at festivals in Kaburzi, San Diego and Guadalajara.


Summertime/ La belle saison,

France, Belgium, 2015, 106’

After having moved to Paris, Delphine meets Carol, a feminist movement activist. Together, they get involved in the epicenter of events that will change their lives. The director Catherine Corsini, like her heroines, defends actively human rights. She took part in the campaign against domestic violence and racism, as well as in the discussion on the situation of migrants in France.

The film “Summertime” was awarded with “Variety Piazza Grande” price at the Locarno Film Festival and was nominated for the prestigious award for French-language film “Prix Lumières”.


You’ll Never Be Alone\Nunca vas a estar solo,

Dir. Alex Anwandter

Chili, 2016, 81’

After attack against his transvestite son, the chief of dummies factories tries to understand the situation. Realizing that no one will help him with this, he takes the case into his own hands.

This is the debut work of renowned Chilean artist Alex Anwandter, for which he also wrote the music. The script was created under impression after his gay fan’s murder in 2012.



Dir. Pepa San Martin

Chili, Argentina, 2016, 92’

After their parents’ divorce, Sara and her younger sister live with mother who dates a woman. Their life is not much different from other families’ lives. But not everybody agrees with that.

Pepa San Martin studied acting and took part in numerous theatrical performances as actress and director. She presented her first short film “Ducha” at the Berlinale in 2011 and won a “Daad” award there, including a place in a creative residence in Berlin where she made her second film “Gleisdreieck” there. “Rara” is her first full-length feature film.


The Ornithologist\ O Ornitólogo,

Dir. João Pedro Rodrigues

Portugal, France, Brazil, 2016, 118’

The search for black storks brought quite a few surprises to ornithologist Fernando. A turbulent flow, river rapids and a rescue thanks to Chinese pilgrims, as well as a scary forest, where he needs to escape from… This is the work of one of the most famous Portuguese directors of the new generation, master of surrealism and metamorphosis. It is remotely based on the biography of St. Anthony, the patron saint of Portugal and travelers, which becomes a real odyssey full of mythological and Christian symbolism in queer interpretation.

The prize for the best director’s work at this year’s Locarno Film Festival.


Taekwondo / Taekwondo,

Dir. Marco Berger, Martín Farina

Argentina, 2016, 105’

Last year’s “Sunny Bunny” participant (with his movie “Butterfly”) Marco Berger presents a new film which depicts Fernando’s vacation at his home with friends. They swim in the pool, play games and share intimate details about their lives, their fears and desires. In such a male company, friends are not embarrassed with nudity and frank conversations about girls and sexual experience. Fernando invites his new friend Herman from Taekwondo classes to this company where no one knows that Herman is gay.

First Marco Berger’s film “PLAN B” visited more than 100 film festivals worldwide. Another film, “ABSENT”, won the “Teddy” award at the Berlinale-2011.


The Pass,

dir. Ben A. Williams

United Kingdom, 2016, 88 ‘

Young football players lodge in a hotel room on the eve of important game. In the midst of fun one of them kisses another. This “pass” will affect the next 10 years of their life – the period of ups and downs in the world of sports, where image is everything.

It is a feature debut of Ben A. Williams’s, London director, founder of the National Student Film Festival “Screentest”. The film is based on the eponymous drama by John Donnelly, whose staging with almost the same cast as the film had great success in The Royal Court Theatre, London.


Cat / Kater,

dir. Klaus -Hendl

Austria, 2016, 114 ‘

Andreas, Stephan and their cat Moses enjoy a happy life in a beautiful and cozy suburb of Vienna. One of them is musician; another is the manager of an orchestra. With favorite work, a circle of close friends and tender love, the life of the couple seems to be a paradise. But unexpected and inexplicable outbreak of violence puts everything into question.

This is the second director’s work of actor Klaus Hendl which explores possibility of reconciliation, redemption and acceptance in the relationship.

The winner of the “Teddy” award as the best feature film at the Berlinale-2016 and the Jury Prize at the Hong Kong Film Festival.


Viva / Viva,

dir. – Paddy Brenham

Ireland, Cuba, 2015, 100′

Paddy Brenna began his career as a natural documentaries director. Today he is a counselor for the International Film Festival in Dublin and vice president of the Filmmakers guild in Ireland. The protagonist of his new film “Viva”, a young hairdresser Jesus, works at a nightclub and dreams of becoming star. Finally he gets a chance to get on stage, but, unexpectedly, his long absent father appears in his life…

The film was presented at the International Film Festival in Guadalajara, Santa Barbara, Sydney and Palm Springs, and nominated for IFTA Award and Dorian Award.


Heartstone / Hjartasteinn,

dir. – Guðmundur Arnar Guðmundsson

Denmark, Iceland 2016/129 ‘

Two teenagers – Thor and Christian – spend a rough summer: while one of them tries to conquer a girl’s heart, another discovers new feelings for his best friend. When summer is over, it is time to leave the playground and meet adult life.

Guðmundur Arnar Guðmundsson graduated from Icelandic Academy of Arts. His short films were selected to participate in more than 200 festivals and won more than 50 international awards. Among them, the Special award at the official competition of the Cannes Film Festival for the film “Whale Valley”. “Heartstone” is his first feature film.

The “Queer Lion” (Queer Lion) for the best LGBT-theme film at the Venice Film Festival-2016.


Non-competition program

Kiki / Kiki,

dir. – Sara Jordenö

Sweden, USA 2016, 95 ‘

Main characters of the film, a group of young people, mostly poor and non-white members of the LGBT-community, struggle with insecurity, diseases and prejudice, gaining the right for their own identity and social justice. “Kiki” is the unofficial sequel to one of the most powerful and controversial documentaries in history – “Paris Is Burning” (1990) by Jennie Livingston, which described similarly the portrait of “colored” LGBT community of New York in the end of 1980-s, bringing a number of marginal subcultures (balls, voguing, etc) to the mainstream. “Paris Is Burning” had a significant impact on all the popular culture for decades, while leaving the characters in the same trouble. After “Paris burned” – through output of these subcultures “to the masses”, they lost uniqueness and explosive flavor – “Kiki” explores their state and development 25 years later.

Sara Jordenö is not only director, but also artist. Her work is regularly shown at international festivals. “Diamond People” is among them – a long-term study of diamond mines in northern Sweden. “Kiki” is her first full-length documentary.

Film was awarded with “Teddy” for the best documentary film and a test film at the Berlin Film Festival in 2016 and nominated for the Grand Prix at the the “Sundance” film festival in 2016.


Will You Dance with Me?

dir. – Derek Jarman

Great Britain, 2014, 78 ‘

Documentary experimental music film by a classic of world avant-garde cinema, one of the greatest British directors – Derek Jarman, which has been laying on the shelf for the last three decades. Previously unknown work, published twenty years after director’s death, this is a video recording made by Jarman himself inside “Benjy’s”, nowadays closed gay night club in east London.

The director shot this video in 1984 as a study for his friend Ron Peck’s film, “Empire State” (1987), which was then in development. In the film, in particular, Phillip Williamson appears, who would later play in Jarman’s own favorite film “The Angelic conversation» (1985). Despite the simplicity of idea and shooting, the director managed to display his talent in very interesting form. “Will You Dance With Me?” became a section of gay culture, portrait of the London gay scene, recorded in time.

A tribute to the 30th anniversary of the London festival BFI Flare LGBT Film Festival, where its world premiere took place in 2014.

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